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The team

We have called ourselves 'BlueTeam'. Nobody knows why. Maybe the name of some wireless communication technology from Ericsson has something to do with it ;-)

Team members

Pawel Kowalik

  • system core (queues, queues, queues...)
  • database issues
  • system integration
  • team's first operator ;-)
  • intrepid domain configurator ;-)

Piotr Kubiaczyk

  • data analysis algorithms
  • artificial intelligence issues
  • team's second operator ;-)

Krystian Nowak

  • user interface design and implementation
  • video and audio data handling
  • IP networking issues
  • system integration
  • test software (BlueCapture)
  • graphical support
  • project website

Stanislaw Osinski

  • hardware design and implementation
  • microcontroller assembler code
  • project report
  • project presentation
  • project website
  • overall moaning and groaning ;-)

Tomasz Puzak

  • hardware design and implementation (PSBs, tiny SMD ICs soldering)
  • Bluetooth communication routines
  • ID card programmer hardware & software
  • project report
  • test software (BlueDentist)
  • BlueTeam net server

Team menthor

Jan Kniat was menthoring our team, giving us lots of advice, help and support (not to mention the numerous formalities he dealt with).  

Jan Kniat, Ph. D.

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