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The software

BlueEyes software's main task is to look after working operators' physiological condition. To assure instant reaction on the operators' condition change the software performs real time buffering of the incoming data, real-time physiological data analysis and alarm triggering.

The BlueEyes software comprises several functional modules:

SystemCore facilitates the data flow between other system modules (e.g. transfers raw data from the ConnectionManager to data analyzers, processed data from the data analyzers to GUI controls, other data analyzers, data logger etc.).

The SystemCore fundametal are single-producer-multi-consumer thread safe queues. Any number of consumers can register to receive the data supplied by a producer. Every single consumer can register at any number of producers, receiving therefore different types of data. Naturally, every consumer may be a producer for other consumers. This approach enables high system scalability – new data processing modules (i.e. filters, data analyzers and loggers) can be easily added by simply registering as a consumer.


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ConnectionManager is responsible for managing the wireless communication between the mobile Data Acquisition Units and the central system. The ConnectionManager handles:

  • communication with the CSU hardware
  • searching for new devices in the covered range
  • establishing Bluetooth connections
  • connection authentication
  • incoming data buffering
  • sending alers

To increase the reliablility of the ConnectionManager we have implemented our own Bluetooth micro-stack. I covers a limited set of Bluetooth communication facilities, hence it is extremely robust and effective.

DataAnalysis module performs the analysis of the raw sensor data in order to obtain information about the operator’s physiological condition. The separately running DataAnalysis module supervises each of the working operators. The module consists of a number of smaller analyzers extracting different types of information. Each of the analyzers registers at the appropriate Operator Manager or another analyzer as a data consumer and, acting as a producer, provides the results of the analysis. The most important analyzers are:

  • saccade detector - monitors eye movements in order to determine the level of operator's visual attention
  • pulse rate analyzer - uses blood oxygenation signal to compute operator's pulse rate
  • custom analyzers - recognize other behaviors than those which are built-in the system. The new modules are created using C4.5 decision tree induction algorithm.

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Visualization module provides a user interface for the supervisors. It enables them to watch each of the working operator’s physiological condition along with a preview of selected video source and related sound stream. All the incoming alarm messages are instantly signaled to the supervisor. The Visualization module can be set in an off-line mode, where all the data is fetched from the database. Watching all the recorded physiological parameters, alarms, video and audio data the supervisor is able to reconstruct the course of the selected operator’s duty.

The physiological data is presented using a set of custom-built GUI controls:

  • a pie-chart used to present a percentage of time the operator was actively acquiring the visual information
  • a VU-meter showing the present value of a parameter
  • time series displaying a history of selected parameters' values


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