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BlueEyes software secrets

Here are some BlueEyes software tricks.

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As you can read in the development stories, MS Visual Studio sometimes suffers from so called "DEBUG_NEW syndrome". We don't know whether there is an ultimate solution to this problem, but you can find a few of our ideas below.

Solutions to the DEBUG_NEW syndrome

Time "complexity"

(ca. PIII 600Mhz, 128MB RAM, application in middle stage of development - ca. 30 KLOC)

Save all files, then compile 5 s 10 %
Change a line in any *.h file and save it, then compile 10 s 30 %
Delete *.exe file and then compile 30 s - drink your coffee 60 %
Rebuild all 60 s - go and make yourself next coffee 80 %
Delete all files from Debug/Release dir and rebuld all/compile 120 s - go and make yourself strong and black coffee 90 %



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