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PCM codecs

We had a dream. We wanted our devices to transmit voice data over hardware PCM codecs. Here's the long process of turning dreams into reality.



A small thing, isn't it ? The scale is in centimeters of course.
  Just to make sure - here is the codec compared to a match.
  First of all - we designed, painted and etched the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).
  After drilling it was time to solder our little gem - manually ! A small drop of glue made the IC sit still on the board.
  That's the whole board.
  Before soldering the other components - look how big a 3.5'' diskette is (compared to the codec) !
  First components...
  ... more components ...
  Voila ! The PCM codec board is ready ! Hopefully it won't burn after turning the power on...


  • six PCM codecs bought
  • four burnt (you can see them in our "death-house" - we shouldn't have used capacitors to debug the circuilt ;-)
  • two more left and still working



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