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BlueEyes project statistics

Here are some numbers connected with the BlueEyes project. Many of them are sheer estimation as, especially at the very end of the project, nobody had time to maintain precise statistics.

Software complexity:

  • over 33 KLOC (kilo lines of code) of the Central System Unit C++ code
  • CSU software complexity according to Mc Cabe's complexity measure (roughly - the number of conditional expressions such as if, while, and, or, for ...) - 2843
  • over 4 KLOC of 8051 pure assembler code

Time complexity:

  • approx. 3000 person hours (which is equal to four months of a full-time work for each team member). The complexity estmation includes system software and hardware design, implementation and testing.

Resource complexity:

  • over 100 electronic components in the final hardware release used
  • 11 PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) designed, painted and etched
  • 5 ICs burnt (4x MC145483 - PCM codec, 1x ST16C24 - an I2C EEPROM)
  • staggering amount of money spent (mostly on hardware prototypes elements - ICs, resistors, capacitors, PCBs, plugs, sockets, cables)
  • 7 computers used during the development phase
  • over 1000 (1k !) pages of documentation read (Bluetooth Core, Bluetooth Ericsson Reference Stack, MSDN, ...)
  • more than 50 bottles of cola drunk

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