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BlueEyes is the winner CSIDC2001 project developed by the Team of Poznan University of Technology. The 2001 year's edition focused on Personal Area Networks created using Bluetooth technology from Ericsson.

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  BlueEyes system provides technical means for monitoring and recording human-operator's physiological condition. The key features of the system are:
  • visual attention monitoring (eye motility analysis)
  • physiological condition monitoring (pulse rate, blood oxygenation)
  • operator's position detection (standing, lying)
  • wireless data acquisition using Bluetooth technology
  • real-time user-defined alarm triggering
  • physiological data, operator's voice and overall view of the control room recording
  • recorded data playback

BlueEyes system can be applied in every working environment requiring permanent operator's attention:

  • at power plant control rooms
  • at captain bridges
  • at flight control centers
  • professional drivers
The system consists of a portable measuring unit and a central analytical system. The mobile device is integrated with Bluetooth module providing wireless interface between the operator-worn sensors and the central unit. ID cards assigned to each of the operators and adequate user profiles on the central unit side provide necessary data personalization so that different people can use a single sensor device.


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