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Data Acquisition Unit - ID cards

We wanted our mobile device to be personalized by means of ID cards. It's easier said than done ! Here are some steps of the ID card development.



All the story begun when we found an ID card mechanical interface.

We only had to get some ID cards. It's almost impossible to buy a small amount (less than 1000 pcs) of such goodies, so ...


... we etched our own !

The simple board conains ST16C24 EEPROM. Works for us.


To program the ID cards we have decided to develop a simple programmer. It's almost a tradition to start with the PCB. This one conains a smaller microcontroller - Atmel 89C2051 ran at 11.0592 MHz, MAX232 for RS232 communication and of coures ID card interface.

As we put the original mechanical interface to the DAU and it was impossible to get another one, we had to resort to using a substitute...


A few blocking elements and an ID card reader head would do. But where can one get such a head from ?


An old mobile phone !

It's not crippled too much ! You can still call the police (if you have your own power supply).

What is also important - the phone is from Ericsson, so it goes well with the Bluetooh module ;-)


Here's the whole programmer - almost assembled.

It's time to turn it on...

  ... it works !


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