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The hardware

Data Acquisition Unit

Data Acquisition Unit is a mobile part of the BlueEyes system. Its main task is to fetch the physiological data from the sensor and to send it to the central system to be processed. To accomplish the task the device must manage wireless Bluetooth connections (connection establishment, authentication and termination). Personal ID cards and PIN codes provide operator's authorization.  

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Communication with the operator is carried on using a simple 5-key keyboard, a small LCD display and a beeper. When an exceptional situation is detected the device uses them to notify the operator.

Voice data is transferred using a small headset, interfaced to the DAU with standard mini-jack plugs.

The Data Acquisition Unit comprises several hardware modules:

  • Atmel 89C52 microcontroller - system core
  • Bluetooth module (based on ROK101008)
  • HD44780 - small LCD display
  • 24C16 - I2C EEPROM (on a removable ID card)
  • MC145483 - 13bit PCM codec
  • Jazz Multisensor interface
  • beeper and LED indicators
  • 6 AA batteries and voltage level monitor
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Central System Unit


Central System Unit hardware is the second peer of the wireless connection. The box contains a Bluetooth module (based on ROK101008) and a PCM codec for voice data transmission.

The module is interfaced to a PC using a parallel, serial and USB cable. The audio data is accessible through standard mini-jack sockets.

To program operator's personal ID cards we developed a simple programming device. The programmer is interfaced to a PC using serial and PS/2 (power source) ports. Inside, there is Atmel 89C2051 microcontroller, which handles UART transmission and I2C EEPROM (ID card) programming.


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