LyX is an WYSIWYM editor for LaTeX documents. It uses its own (text based) format, and allows you to write documents even not knowing LaTeX.

Installation of new LaTeX classes

LaTeX classes (*.cls files) require additional description for LyX which provide information about presentation of different styles. They are distributed as *.layout files with optional accompanying *.module files.

  1. Install the new LaTeX class.

  2. Unix systems:

    • Copy (or symlink) the *.layout and *.module files to $HOME/.lyx/layouts directory.

    Windows systems:

    • Copy the *.layout and *.module files to C:\Program Files\LyX\Resources\layouts directory.

  3. Start LyX, run Tools –> Reconfigure, and restart the editor.

  4. Goto Tools –> TeX Information and check whether the new classes are available for LyX.