Photo gallery

Here you can find pictures from this site with short descriptions. To see or learn more about these places just follow the links. Some of the small photos can be enlarged. This feature is either mentioned in the neighbouring text, or marked in the picture top left corners by sign of magnifying glass:

Gallery is divided into two thematic groups. The first concerns Poznan, second one environs of Poznan.


Gallery #1
 Ostrow Tumski

Gallery #2
 Old Market - Town Hall, tenement houses, ...

Gallery #3
 Parish Church, Sw. Wojciech church, Raczynski Library, MTP - Poznan International Fair

Gallery #4
 Adam Mickiewicz Square, Castle, Fredro Street, Okraglak

Gallery #5
 Citadel, Botanical Gardens, Malta

Gallery #6
 The Polish Theatre, The Great Theatre, National Museum, Stefan Stuligrosz's Choir, Arena Hall, Poznan University of Technology, Poznan University of Economics

Gallery #7
 Public transportation, private transportation, public telephony

Gallery #8
 St.Martin's parade in 2002

Gallery #9
  Airport "Lawica Poznan"

Gallery #10
  Greenhouse and its aquaria.

Gallery #11
  Wilson Park

Gallery #12
  The New Zoo

Gallery #13
 The old and the new pictures of Poznan juxtaposed
(castle, Fredro Street, Ostrow Tumski, PUT).

Gallery #14
 some monuments in Poznan

Gallery #15
 Random photographs from Poznan, see also some nooks of Poznan

Gallery #16
 Poznan by night

  Virtual trips in Poznan

trip #1
 from Fredro Str., to the Jezycki Market

trip #2
 from the railway station to Wilson Park

trip #3
 from the railway station to Poznan University of Technology

trip #4
 via Polwiejska Str. to the Old Market

  Environs of Poznan

Gallery #1

Gallery #2

Gallery #3
 Morasko, Lednogora

Gallery #4
 Szreniawa, Swarzedz

Gallery #5

  Internet cameras

You can see here views from nearly all internet cameras situated in Poznan.

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