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Authors of this service made every effort to make it up-to-date. However, it is beyond our capability to trace the changes in every institution in Poznan. Therefore information contained on this page may become invalid. Please verify also other www sources about Poznan .
Update 2005: This site was established in 1995 by a couple of enthusiasts. Unfortunately, since then we had to go to work for which we are being paid ;-) Therefore, this site is updated very rarely these days.

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You can also visit old version of this service, which was started in the summer 1995 when no other source of infromation about Poznan was available on the net.

Some pictures, maps and general info text published with the consent of
Poznan City Publishers

  • CIM leaflets
  • Panorama Firm
  • Polskie Ksiazki Telefoniczne
  • "Pascal - tourist guidebook"
  • "100 x Wielkopolska"
  • Internet sources

  • Authors

    This site is the developed version of old Poznan City Guide, which was created by:

    Mariusz Markiewicz
    Maciej Drozdowski

    Development, update and appearance changes in 2001 were part of engineer thesis of:

    Bartlomiej Idzikowski
    Maciej Glowiak
    Pawel Staniszewski
    Maciej Strozyk

    with assistance of Bartek Walter.

    Some photographs and galleries were added in 2004 as partial fulfillment
    of the requirements for M.Sc. thesis of
    Szymon Minge.


    The photographs presented in this service were gratefully donated by the above authors. These photographs may be copied as they are with citing the source. For promotional materials, high resolution photographs please ask Poznan City Hall:
    Public Relations Office
    Plac Kolegiacki 17, 61-841 Poznan
    II floor, room 208,
    tel. (+48 61) 878-52-93, fax (+48 61)852-76-86
    Mayor's Cabinet
    Plac Kolegiacki 17, 61-841 Poznan
    II floor, room 215,
    tel. (+48 61) 878-52-97, fax (+48 61) 878-52-88

    Or even much better, come to Poznan and make these photographs yourself :-)

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