General information is said that citizens of Poznan are thrifty, stubborn and well-organised. Our ancestors must have been so because,

it was here that the first Polish state was created a thousand years ago.

Poznan and Gniezno (50 km away) were the first Polish capitals. Both cities are connected by the tourist trail known as the Piast Route, along which we can bear witness to the distant past of the region, e.g. Lake Lednica with the remains of a settlement dating from the 9th and 10th centuries, where, according to the legend, the first Polish King to be crowned, Boleslaw The Brave, was born...
The tombs of Boleslaw and his father, Duke Mieszko, are situated in the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul in Poznan. The first cathedral was romanesque in style but nowadays this imposing building's outline and walls are gothic.

Apart from the cathedral, the most precious building in Poznan is the 16th century renaissance Town Hall in the Old Square. It is surrounded by old merchant houses which were carefully restored after World War II.

Town Hall
The pillary
The fountain of Persephone

From there, you are a stone's throw away from Golebia Street and Poznan's parish church, one of the most splendid examples of baroque churches in Poland.

The thrifty and wealthy Poznanians have always had

a healthy respect for education and science.

The first school of higher education in Poznan, the Lubranski Academy, was founded in 1518... There are now over 10 schools of higher education. In a city of 600,000 inhabitants there are over 50,000 students.
The main sources of wealth for Poznan's citizens were craft and trade. For ages, Poznan has been famous for its trade fairs and markets. The largest one was St. John's Market (24th June) during which people traded primarily in wool and cereals.

The St. John's Market of today is a place where art collectors, master craftsmen, and those whose hobby is art and collecting flock to during Poznan's biggest trade fair, the Poznan International Fair in June.
Poznan International Fair Poznan International Fair
The Poznan International Fair (MTP), situated in the city centre, is

the biggest centre of international trade in Poland,

where trade fairs, exhibitions and shows take place. The MTP calendar includes over 25 specialised events each year and attracts thousands of manufacturers, trading companies, scientific and research institutions from all the continents of the world.

Poznan International Fair

Poznan is the capital of the so-called "bread-basket" of the Polish state. It is the home of the only Agricultural Horticultural Exchange of this kind in Poland, a joint Poznan-Swiss initiative. The Swiss maintain that flowers, fruit and vegetables are traded "just as in Zurich".

On the other hand, the Poznan Exchange, which matches western standards, specialises in cereals, meat and fertilisers.

The presence of over 30 banks in Poznan, including a few foreign ones, all help promote business.

A good business climate is why

many foreign investors choose Poznan to base their activities.

Among them are a few of world's giants such as Nestle, Wrigley, CPC International, Volkswagen, Exxon / Esso, IKEA, Alcatel... The largest company in Wielkopolska, H.Cegielski Engineering Works, which is the leading manufacturer of ship engines and train carriages in Poland, has for many years been working closely with Sulzer and ABB.

It can be said, without any false modesty, that Poznan, in many respects, is very special city. For instance

the richness of musical life.

Poznan is home to the world-famous boys' and men's male voice choirs, and the Polish Theatre of Dance - Poznan Ballet, the only one of its kind in Poland. Music lovers regularly come to Poznan for the Contemporary Music Festivals and for the Henryk Wieniawski violin and violin making competitions, held every five years here in Poznan...
The Philharmonic Orchestra, the Opera, the theatres... a great number of museums, among which is the Museum of Musical Instruments, which has one of the richest collections in Europe.

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