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Semantic Methods in Genetic Programming (SMGP)

Workshop at Parallel Problem Solving from Nature 2014 conference

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 13 September 2014

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Genetic programming (GP)—the application of evolutionary computing techniques to the creation of computer programs—has been a key topic in computational intelligence in the last couple of decades. In the last few years a rising topic in GP has been the use of semantic methods. The aim of this is to provide a way of exploring the input-output behaviour of programs, which is ultimately what matters for problem solving. This contrasts with much previous work in GP, where operators transform the program code and the effect on program behaviour is indirect. This new approach has produced substantially better results on a number of problems, both benchmark problems and real-world applications in areas such as pharmacy; and, has been grounded in a body of theory, which also informs algorithm design.

The main goal of the workshop is to foster discussions rather than present finished work. In tradition with the PPSN workshops, the extended abstracts are not published in the conference proceedings. However, the organisers will make both abstracts and slides available online on the workshop webpage. The workshop is associated with a Special Issue of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines Journal by Springer, and provides an opportunity to have an open discussion and receive feedback in preparation for submission to that special issue.

The workshop will take place at PPSN 2014 on September 13, 2014, and researchers working in GP and other branches of evolutionary computation are strongly encouraged to participate.


All aspects of research related to semantic aspects in GP will be considered, including:


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Workshop organizers

List of accepted presentations (with links to extended abstracts)

A Study of Semantic Geometric Crossover Operators in Regression Problems by Julio Albinati, Gisele L. Pappa, Fernando E. B. Otero, Luiz Ot'avio V. B. Oliveira

The Influence of Population Size on Geometric Semantic GP by Mauro Castelli, Luca Manzoni, Sara Silva, Leonardo Vanneschi

Self-tuning Geometric Semantic GP by Mauro Castelli, Luca Manzoni, Sara Silva, Leonardo Vanneschi

Semantic Operators for Evolutionary Art by Joao Correia, Penousal Machado

Information Theory, Fitness, and Sampling Semantics by Colin G. Johnson, John R. Woodward

Asymptotic Genetic Improvement Programming via Type Functors and Catamorphisms by Zoltan A. Kocsis, Jerry Swan

A framework for measuring the generalization ability of Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming (GSGP) for Black-Box Boolean Functions Learning by Andrea Mambrini, Yang Yu, Xin Yao

Geometric Semantic Grammatical Evolution by Alberto Moraglio, James McDermott, Michael O'Neill

An Efficient Implementation of GSGP using Higher-Order Functions and Memoization by Alberto Moraglio

Guarantees of Progress for Geometric SemanticGenetic Programming by Tomasz P. Pawlak, Krzysztof Krawiec

Semantically-meaningful Numeric Constants for Genetic Programming by Jerry Swan, John Drake, Krzysztof Krawiec

Analysis of Semantic Building Blocks via Groebner Bases by Jerry Swan, Geoffrey K. Neumann, Krzysztof Krawiec

Workshop schedule

SMGP will be a full-day, four-session workshop on September 13, 2014

For every talk, 15 minutes are allocated, plus 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Session 1 (Chair: Alberto Moraglio)

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Session 2 (Chair: Colin Johnson)

12:30-14:00 Lunch break

Session 3 (Chair: Michael O’Neill Penousal Machado)

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

Session 4 (Chair: Krzysztof Krawiec)

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