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jMAF is a rough set data analysis software written in Java. It makes use of java Rough Set (jRS) library. jMAF and jRS library implement methods of data analysis provided by the Dominance-based Rough Set Approach, and by its relaxed version, the Variable Consistency Dominance-based Rough Set Approach.


jMAF requires Java SE 6 installed on your system to run properly. Please note that you can have more recent version of Java environment installed as well. Please see section FAQ for more details. You can download the required version of Java SE Runtime Environment from Oracle site.


You are welcome to use jMAF under the terms of the licence for research purposes, however please acknowledge its use with a citation:

J. Błaszczyński, S. Greco, B. Matarazzo, R. Słowiński, M. Szeląg
jMAF - Dominance-Based Rough Set Data Analysis Framework (2012)
Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems - Professor Zdzisław Pawlak in Memoriam Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems - Professor Zdzisław Pawlak in Memoriam, Intelligent Systems Reference Library, Springer link  bibtex