Cellular telephony

Cellular telephony in Poland is generally divided between three operators:

  Era GSM
  Plus GSM

All polish operators use dualband system: GSM 900/DCS 1800.

PCS 1900 is not available in Poland!

For more information please visit sites listed above.

How to dial cellular phone numbers?

From outside of Poland you have to dial:

+ 48 xxx yy-yy-yy

where: 48 - area code of Poland
 xxx - cellular operator code
 yy-yy-yy - phone number (6 digits)

From Poland: in case of using stacionary telephony dial 0 before cellular operator code:
0 xxx yy-yy-yy

In other case you can dial number with area code of Poland (with + before it) or just dial cellular phone number (without 0 and without area code of Poland):
+48 xxx yy-yy-yy
xxx yy-yy-yy

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