White Lady Castle

This castle is the most precious historic monument in Kornik.
Its history began in the 14th century, but since that time it has been converted many times. The last conversion took place between 1838 and 1891 and was carried out by Tytus Dzialynski.
Today the castle has an english Neo-Gothic appearance outside (lump and elevation) and a Gothic-Renaissance appearance inside the walls.
The castle is surrounded by a medieval moat with a Neo-Gothic bridge.

The White Lady, as legend says, is the ghost of Toefilia z Dzialynskich Szoldrska-Potulicka. She comes down from her portrait at night. She rides on a black horse in her white dress together with a black rider until sun rises...

Kornik castle

Inside the castle there is a museum with very valuable exhibits: historical and national mementos, armour, firearms, paintings, furniture from various epochs and in various styles.
Curiocity presents floors, made of various kinds of wood and creates amazing mosaic.

Besides the museum there is the Kornik Library (Biblioteka Kornicka) in the castle. It was created in 1828 and is one of the most well known scientific libraries in Poland.
You can admire old manuscripts (written for example by Slowacki and Mickiewicz) and unique, old prints (Kochanowski, Rej, Kromer).

You can find also unique information on genealogy of nobility in Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) region here.

Kornik - Zamek, Biblioteka Kornicka PAN
ul. Zamkowa 5, Kornik
phone: 817-00-81


There is a wide park near Kornik castle with unusual plants, which are rarely found in this climate. For example from China, Korea, Japan, North America.
You can admire about 3000 species of trees and bushes as well as great collection of rhododendrons and azaleas (when they bloom in the middle of May, you can see them in three different locations in Kornik and its vicinity).
This arboretum has the greatest collection of plants in Poland. See a gallery of photographs from Kornik and its arboretum.

Plants in Kornik Linden alley

Kornik - Zamek, Zaklad Doswiadczalny PAN
ul. Zamkowa 5, Kornik
phone: 817-00-81

Gate of Eternity

In the center of the city, near the main road to Poznan there is a place marking the past of Kornik. An entrance to a passage that once lead to a synagogue is located. The synagogue was destroyed during the W.W. II by nazis. The entrance to an unexistent place still remains.

Gate of Eternity in Kornik

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