My general research interests are in multi-criteria decision aid (MCDA) and in machine learning. I am currently an Assistant Professor at Poznan University of Technology (PUT) in the group of Roman  Slowinski. I study ensembles of rules classifiers and their application in preference learning. I was a member of the Microsoft Innovation Center in Poznan (Telesfor project aimed at supporting telemedical consultations). Currently I participate in the Wielkopolska Center of Telemedicine project. During my PhD, I did research in rough sets, preference learning, ordinal classification with monotonicity constraints (also called multi-criteria classification or sorting), rule classifiers and rule ensembles of classifiers.

I received PhD in Computer Science (2010) from PUT under supervision of Roman Slowinski. My PhD thesis concerned rule models for ordinal classification in variable consistency rough set approaches. Earlier I received MSc in Computer Science from PUT (2002), specializing in medical applications of decision rule models; BSc in Computer Science (2000) from PUT.

More information in my CV.