Trust, Risk, Reputation and Recommendation on the Web

Riga, Latvia, September 7, 2009

Pictures & Slides

The workshop began with the registration of the participants. Together with the participants of the MEDWa workshop we have gathered for the keynote talk given by Christian Maar, the CIO of the Allegro Group, the biggest provider of online auctions in Central and Eastern Europe. Christian's lecture was powerfull and engaging (see the picture below) as he was presenting the challenges facing Allegro in terms of both database and data warehouse infrastructures, and in terms of fraud prevention in the online auction environment. Some of his points were controversial (there was a funny dispute between him and Yannis Manolopoulos about the merits of using indexes in data warehouses) but presented with great knowledge and a very strong impact on practicality. It was definitely a great eye-opener for the members of the scientific community.

Christian Maar gives the keynote talk "Allegro's way from XLS based controlling to a modern BI environment"

After the keynote and a short coffee break we have started off. The workshop took two sessions. The first session was started by Gabriele Lenzini with an interesting talk "Shall I trust a recommendation? (Towards an evaluation of the trustworthiness of recommender sites)". Here are the slides of his presentation.

Gabriele Lenzini presents his paper on perceiving the trustworthiness of online recommendation sites

The second paper was presented by Tomek Kaszuba. Their paper, "Comment classification for Internet auction platforms", concerns the problem of automatically classifying feedbacks received by parties of online auctions and mining additional knowledge from textual comments. Here are the slides of his presentation.

Tomek Kaszuba presents his paper on classifying textual feedbacks from online auctions

After the lunch we have continued with the second session. Larisa Survilo opened the session with her paper "Structural reasoning of networks", where she discussed various measures of centrality particularily suited to social networks. Here are the slides of her presentation.

Larisa Survilo discusses various measures used in structural reasoning and tailored to social networks

Tomek Kaszuba took the stage once again to present their second paper. This time it was the paper "ProtoTrust: An Environment for Improved Trust Management in Internet Auctions". The authors present an environment for distributed trust management among users of online auction service, implemented mainly as an extension of a Web browser and running independently of the online auction service provider. Take a look on the slides of Tomek's presentation.

The last paper was presented by Stephen Clarke. Their paper, "Extending Trust in Peer-to-Peer Networks", introduces the concept of trust* relationship which works well in distributed environments and does not require trust bonds to be transitive. Here are the slides of his presentation.

Stephen Clarke presents his paper on using non-transitive trust relationships in a distributed environment

The workshop's venue, city of Riga, proved to be a remarkably beautiful place. The medieval feeling of this Hanseatic town located far north at the Baltic coast was spectacular, and the entire Old City was completely renovated. Below are some photos I've taken during my walks through Riga.

Blackheads House on the Town Hall Square

St.Peter's church

Narrow streets of the Old Riga

Narrow streets of the Old Riga

Freedom Monument

Old Riga by night

Old Riga by night

Old Riga by night

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May 18, 2009
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July 15, 2009
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July 26 2009


Invited lecture
Christian Maar, CIO of Allegro Group and former Head of eCommerce at Primondo (Karstadt-Quelle) will be presenting an invited lecture on practical aspects of trust and reputation management in the area of online auctions more...

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