Scholarship of the Minister of Education and Science (Poland) for young researchers for the period of 2021-2024.


Scholarship for young researchers from Poznan area founded by City Hall of Poznań, Poland.

START Scholarship of the Foundation for Polish Science for young talented researchers.


First prize in Competition for the Best Original Creative Article published by PhD student in 2015 organized by Poznań Branch of Polish Academy of Sciences, for the article Semantic Backpropagation for Designing Search Operators in Genetic Programming.

Distinction in Competition for the Best PhD Dissertation in Artificial Intelligence Defended in 2015 organized by Polish Artificial Intelligence Association, for the PhD dissertation Competent Algorithms for Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming.

Distinction of PhD Dissertation Competent Algorithms for Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming by the Council of Faculty of Computing, Poznan University of Technology.