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I'm an associate professor affiliated to Laboratory of Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology.

My LinkedIn profile, ResearchGate profile, and ACM publication page.


Selected research grants

  • New Computational Paradigms for Explanatory Modeling of Complex Systems (Nowe Paradygmaty Obliczeniowe dla Konstrukcji Wyjaśniających Modeli Systemów Złożonych), National Science Center grant #DEC-2011/01/B/ST6/07318, 2011-2014 (project webpage)
  • Evolutionary learning systems for artificial and real-world environments (Ewolucyjne systemy uczące się w środowiskach rzeczywistych i wirtualnych), Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education Research Grant #N N519 3505 33, 2007-2010 (project webpage)
  • Integration of machine learning with decision support for image-based decision support (Integracja uczenia maszynowego ze wspomaganiem decyzji na podstawie informacji obrazowej), Polish Committee for Scientific Research Grant 8T11C 021 16, 1999-2001, closed with final evaluation: excellent.
  • Automatic Design and Synthesis of ATR (Automatic Target Recognition) Systems using Hybrid Learning Paradigms. US AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory) grant, 1999-2003.
  • Algorithms transforming data representation for machine learning systems, Polish Committee for Scientific Research Grant 3 T11C 050 26 (summary).

Awards, fellowships and stipends


Applications and real-world problems

  • generic object recognition in visible spectrum (e.g., objects from COIL databases)
  • object recognition in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images (MSTAR) database,
  • medical decision support based on clinical data and imagery,
  • handwritting recognition and sketch interpretation,

Teaching activities

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