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As you probably notice, my name is Maciej Miłostan. I recieved Ph.D. in Computer Science (Bioinformatics) in 2007. Currently, I work as a network administrator at the Institute of Computing Science of the Poznan University of Technology, but I'm still interested in research, especially in protein structure analysis.

about my resarch interest
I'm interested mainly in all aspects of computational methods for protein structure and function prediction. I made a number of publications related to that field. In the summer 2004, I was working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory helping with CASP6-related issues. In 2006, I visited UC Davis continuing cooperation with Protein Structure Prediction Center.

As a network and system administrator, I'm deeply interested in security and safety issues. I'm using my work related knowledge for teaching "Data security and cryptography". I'm also a member of the Security Team of PSNC.

a little about my hobbies
I love skiing, sailing, ridding a bike and traveling. My favourite places for skiing are Italian Dolomites and Alps. Great place for sailing (and scuba diving) is the Powidz Lake in Wielkopolska Region.

Some pictures taken during my travels can be found in my gallery.

Maciej Miłostan, PhD.

Institute of Computing Science
Poznan University of Technology
ul. Piotrowo 2
61-138, Poznan, Poland

Office: room 122

E-mail: Maciej.Milostan[at]
Phone: (+48) 61 665 29 78