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Divisible job (or load) is a model of specific parallel computations. The job can be divided into several parts which can be independently computed by parallel processing elements.

Divisible job vortal is divided into several modules. Basic information about divisible job model (or divisible load theory) can be found in section "Introduction to divisible tasks". Section "Animations" contains graphic presentation of different communication algorithms. "Calculator" applet allows to calculate division of the load between processing elements in four different architectures. For each architecture of the model diagrams of computation time, speedup and efficiency, vs. volume of data and the number of processing elements, are presented in the second applet called "Performance modelling".

A tool "Isoefficiency modelling" allows for learning dependence of efficiency on system parameters. It shows lines of equal computational efficiency vs various pairs of system/application parameters. The purpose of isoenergy chart tool is similar: to visualize relations determining energy consumption in divisible processing by showing lines of equal energy consumption. See model description. In section "Help" one will find a manual how to use these applets.

To run the applets you should install java.sun version 1.4.1 or newer. The isoefficiency modelling applet has been tested to run on Java_jre1.5.0_04.
This service was tested for browsers: Mozilla 1.1, 1.3,, Netscape 6, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.2900
Recommended screen resolution is 1280x1024.

The construction of this service was a B.S. project of Marcin Szelag, Przemyslaw Kukawka, Rafal Juszkiewicz and Michal Hojniak in 2003.
The isoefficiency modeling tool was a M.Sc. project of Michal Kaftanski, defended in 2007.
The isoeenergy modeling tool was a B.Sc. project of Mateusz Dukowski, Michał Gałka, Adam Ulatowski, Michał Wieliński, defended in 2011.
Applications: Calculator, Performance Mmodeling, Isoefficiency modeling were ported from Java to JavaScript by Hanna Graś in 2016 as her B.S. project. The supervisor of all projects was Maciej Drozdowski, The projects were done in the Institute of Computer Science , Poznan University of Technology.

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