MCDA 89 in Trento, 11-13 April 2019

MCDA 90 in Brest, 26-28 September 2019


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Multicriteria decision aid is an important branch of Operational Research. Beyond the exchanges and meetings which already exist by means of the international conferences and the publications in the scientific journals, the objectives of the working group are the following:

  • to contribute to the development, at a European level, of an original way of thinking in the field of multicriteria decision aiding,
  • to allow each member of the group to make to others methodological, theoretical or applied results, to submit its own work and thoughts to the critical discussion of the group and also facilitate some collaborations,
  • to develop multicriteria aid for decisions by facilitating contacts with every people interested in the subject and by stimulating continuity and progress in exchanges and work,
  • to keep the group alive and open by means of bi-annual meetings which must not be mini-conferences but real meetings favourable to exchanges,
  • to emergence of news ideas.
EWG-MCDA Meetings
  • 89th Meeting of EURO Working Group on MCDA, 11-13 April 2019, University of Trento, Trento, Italy (Pairwise comparisons (pros and cons))

  • 90th Meeting of EURO Working Group on MCDA, 26-28 September (10-12 October) 2019, IMT Atlantique, Brest, France (Decision aiding for a sustainable development of the ocean)

  • 91st Meeting of EURO Working Group on MCDA, April 2020, Ispra, Italy

  • 92nd Meeting of EURO Working Group on MCDA, September 2020, Budapest, Hungary

  • 93rd Meeting of EURO Working Group on MCDA, April 2021, Cracow, Poland

Bernard Roy PDF Print E-mail

Professor Bernard Roy passed away on October 28, 2017. He was a pioneer of Operational Research in Europe and a world-wide recognized expert in the area of Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding. He was a founder of the EURO Working Group on MCDA, and, more generally, a founder of the European School of MCDA.

Bernard Roy has made a very significant and innovative contribution to OR. Among his many achievements, he is the father of the “activity on node” project scheduling technique and of the famous ELECTRE methods. Through his research, teaching, consulting, and service to the community, he was one of the major promoters of OR techniques in Europe.

Please find the obituaries about Bernard Roy published in EJOR (link) and in FCDS (link) in 2018.

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