About me

I am PhD student at Poznan University of Technology at Faculty of Computing Science and Management. I am interested in software engineering, especially in software architecture.


I am interested in software engineering. To be more specific:

Software architecture:
  • Architecture description languages
  • ATAM evaluation method and it's modification
  • Architecture quality attributes
  • Architectural patterns
  • Architecture evolution process
Software developement:
  • Software developement metodologies
  • Design patterns
  • Developement tools


At the moment I am working as a senior developer/software architect (JEE) at the university. I am also plaing a role of technical consultant for some IT company. Detailed information about my work experience can be found here.

Contact information:

Corespondance address:
Institute of Computing Science
Poznań University of Technology
ul. Piotrowo 2
60-965, POZNAŃ, Poland