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How to dial phone numbers?

From outside of Poland you have to dial:

+ 48 xx yyy-yy-yy

where: 48 - area code of Poland
 xx - local area code (for example Poznan: 61).
Please remember to add 61 in front of all local telephone numbers presented on this site.
 yyy-yy-yy - local phone number (7 digits)

From Poland you have to dial 0 before long distance operator code and area code (if necessary) or just local phone number (when you are in the same area code you want to call to).

For long distance calls within Poland you have to dial:

0 zzzz xx yyy-yy-yy

where: zzzz - long distance operator code:
1033 - TP SA
1044 - NOM
1055 - Netia
1066 - Energis
 xx - local area code (for example Poznan: 61, Warsaw: 22)
 yyy-yy-yy - local phone number (7 digits)

For calls within Poznan (or for local calls in general) you have to drop the long distance operator code (zzzz).

If you want to call the mobile phone you have to dial 0 before cellular operator code every time.
For more information about cellular telephony in Poland please visit: telephony >cellular.

Stationary telephony in Poland is operated by TP SA, which practically has a monopoly on public telephony in Poland.
There are also few small and local operators.

Two main operators of public telephony in Poznan are:

Phone card:
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