Welcome to the live research area of my website. This is a place where I am posting all of my research projects as they are being conducted as well as the ones which are already finished. Once a project is done I will also post the code used in the experiments and a link to the paper where it was published. The projects which are currently in progress are marked with a red dot . Since I'm exploring new ideas more or less live here, I will also try to keep all of the dead ends, failed ideas, unsatisfactory experimental results, and everything else that is basically unpublishable, so that you don't have to repeat my mistakes or test hypotheses that are known to be false. If you find any of the research described here interesting and would like to learn more or are interested in contributing to any of these ideas by collaborating, please let me know.

  • State-changing sequential patterns [last update: ] [report]
  • Edit distance for sequences of sets [last update: ] [report]
  • Feature extraction using distance from reference points [last update: ] [report]
  • Classification through clustering [last update: ] [report]
  • K-nearest patterns algorithm for pattern-based XML classification [last update: ] [code]