Summary of the tutorial

Extreme Multi-label Classification (XMLC) refers to supervised multi-label learning in which instances are labeled with a few relevant labels from a very large set, consisting of potentially millions of all possible target labels. It has been shown in recent works that, apart from automatic tagging, this framework can be leveraged to effectively address problems in ranking, recommendation systems and web-advertising. In this tutorial we will motivate extreme classification as an active and rapidly growing research area with many potential applications in information retrieval and introduce the research challenges. We will also present a detailed review of the three main strands for addressing these challenges which include (i) label embedding methods, (ii) tree-based methods, and (iii) smart one-vs-rest approaches. Finally, we will highlight a dozen open benchmark datasets derived from sources such as Wikipedia, Amazon and Delicious, and also live demonstrate open source code by running it on these benchmark datasets.



The slides from the tutorial can be found here.


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