Ongoing projects

pypepa, “Python library for Performance Evaluation Process Algebra”, 2012-


I am developing a python version of a tool for PEPA . In comparison to PEPA Eclipse Plugin, pyPEPA can be used on servers, and will provide possibilities for distributing state space generation for big models, as well as experimentations. Some ehancements to PEPA semantics will be also incorporated, such as renaming. Github page.

Past projects

NSC grant, “Business process discovery methods and process calculus for RESTful systems”, 03.2013- 2016


The research project has two general goals. The first one is proposal of a new process calculus for REST systems. Such calculus should be able to express all characteristics that make REST systems distinctive, in order to better model the real systems. The second goals is the proposal of new algorithms for business process model discovery in REST systems. The discovered model should be expressed in the new process calculus. Both the new process calculus and the algorithms will be formally verified, additionally the algorithms will be verified empirically.

Triglav management and monitoring system, 2011-2014


Triglav is a distributed management system well suited for telecom and medical environments. It focuses on autoconfiguration aspect of the management system, Triglav is highly extensible with the help of a plugin system.I am a lead of the project, managing a team of developers. Project webpage.

POIG.01.03.01-00-008/08, IT-SOA, 2009-2012


I was responsible for research areas concerning metrics, monitoring and management in SOA systems, with a special focus on REST model. The result of the IT-SOA project is DyMST (Dynamic Management SOA Toolkit), Project webpage.

“Enhancement of CUBE storage system, optimization of the data classification algorithm”, 2012

(pl. „Ulepszenie macierzy dyskowych CUBE – optymalizacja algorytmu klasyfikacji danych”). Voucher for Industry, a project where industry companies cooperate with researchers, project for company.