Regression Ensemble of Decision Rules (RegENDER)

Regression Ensemble of Decision Rules (RegENDER) is a novel decision rule induction algorithm for solving the regression problem. Forward stagewise additive modeling is used in order to obtain the ensemble. We consider two types of regression loss functions, the squared- and absolute-error loss. The main advantage of decision rules is their simplicity and comprehensibility: they are logical statements of the form "if condition then decision", which is probably the easiest form of model to interpret. On the other hand, by exploiting a powerful statistical technique to induce the rules, the final ensemble has very high prediction accuracy.

The RegENDER algorithm was written in Java and requires that Weka environment is installed on the computer. We provide the following files:

If you want to use RegENDER within Weka GUI (or from Weka command-line), you simply need to add regender.jar file to the classpath, either by changing the CLASSPATH variable or while invoking Weka from command line, e.g.:

java -cp "weka.jar;regender.jar" weka.gui.GUIChooser

Starting with version 3.5.4 one can also add regender.jar file permanently in the RunWeka.ini ("cp" option). In case of any problems with adding RegENDER, read the following text describing how to add new classifier in the "book version" of Weka.

You can also use RegENDER from the command line. Assuming the appropriate jars are in your classpath, by writing:

java weka.classifiers.rules.RegENDER

you will obtain a list of options (with their description), both common to Weka environment and specific to our code.

Finally, if you want to use MLRules from the Java code, weka.classifiers.rules.RegENDER is the only class that you need to use.

The software is open-source and is provided under GNU General Public Licence (GPL). When using our software for the research purposes, please cite:

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If you have any problems, do not hesitate to write: .