Ant Wars

Ant Wars, GECCO 2007 Competition


We won the Ant Wars Competition - one of the competions accompanying the GECCO 2007 conference. The goal of this contest was to evolve ANSI C code that plays a two players game. Take a look at detailed rules.

Play with Brilliant

Can you beat a machine generated algorithm in a simple game? We prepared an applet where you can cross your swords with Brilliant.

Our entry

If you wonder how an evolved ANSI C code looks like, download our BrilliANT: brilliant.c. Interested how did BrilliANT evolve? Look inside our report/documentation (pdf).

Ant Wars game engine

If you would like to create or evolve a better Ant Wars player our engine in pure C could be helpful. Download Ant Wars Game engine and several of our strategies.

Team members

GECCO 2007 Ant Wars Winners