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This page will be devoted to ScaPS, a compact program synthesis (genetic programming in particular) framework I wrote in Scala.



Complete specification of configuration of a synthesis experiment in the Boolean domain (using the mixin front-end).

class BooleanDefault(args: String)
  extends OptionsFromArgs(args) with Rng
  with BooleanBenchmark
  with SearchDrivers.Hamming[Seq[Boolean], Boolean]
  with CorrectnessPredicates.Strict[ScalarEvaluationMin]
  with TreeGPDefault[Seq[Boolean], Boolean, ScalarEvaluationMin] {
  def this(args: Array[String]) = this(args.mkString(" "))

class BooleanUseCase1 {
  def test: Unit = new BooleanDefault("--benchmark mux6 --maxGenerations 100 --instructions withNeg").launch

This page is under construction. See the page of the Scevo library, which ScaPS is based on.

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