Student Project: MarketDv

(four 3rd year students are needed)


Name: InfoSoft
Street: ul. Asnyka 58/39
Town: Kalisz
Postal code: 62-800
Country: Poland
Web page:
Fax: +48-62-7665262; 7665101
Phone: +48-62-7665262; 7665101; 5010846

Client representative

Name: Marcin Antczak
Position/Job title: Owner
Web page:
Fax: +48-62-7665262
Phone: +48-62-7665262; +48 601 348 603


A web-based decision support system for a marketing department
Project description:
We would like to submit a proposal of project - MarketDev 2.0. This application should be the next version of MarketDev 1.0, which was created with Microsoft Access 97, Visual Basic for Applications and ActiveX technology. MarketDev is an application created to support enterprise marketing management, from market data management through analysis and monitoring to marketing planning and sales forecast. The target is to create a web-based application (ASP, IIS, PWS ,PHP?). MarketDev 2.0 should be an application for enterprises, which has or plan Intranet solutions.

We would like this project to be managed by Krzysztof Kowalczykiewicz and Micha≥ Martenka.

What is the operating system(s) the software should work on?

  • Windows'95
  • Windows'98
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000

What are the programming languages likely to be used by the students in this project?

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • Visual Basic; VBA; VBScript;

If the project fails, how big problem it will be for your organisation?
Just an inconvenience.

What is the likelihood that the required effort will be equivalent to writing 2-3 thousand lines of source code?

If necessary, can the scope of the project be adjusted to fit the effort range mentioned above?
Rather yes


Will the customer representative be able to spend at least 4 hours a week in October and November working with the students on requirements?

Will the customer representative be able to work on the project at least 6 hours a month in the remaining months?

Is your organisation ready to prepare a computer with appropriate tools available for the students at the organisationís site?

How important for your organisation is to be the only owner of the results?

Is your organisation ready to present each student with a reward of 200 z≥ in case of successful completion of the project (there are 6 students on a project team)?

Summer internship

Is your organisation ready to accept 2 students of the 4th year (MSE Programme) for a summer internship?
Almost sure

How long should the internship last? Is one month enough?
Should be ~ 2 weeks

Can such an internship be organised around the proposed project?
Almost sure

Can your organisation pay for students lodging, meals, and travel from Poznan?

There is a possibility to organise internship in Poznan.

Project Supervisor

Name: Barbara Begier
Phone: 8330515

Project managers

The following students of the MSE Programme will manage the project:

Person APerson B
Name: Michal Martenka
Phone: 87 75 998 | 0601 55 27 16
Code: 9446
Name: Krzysztof Kowalczykiewicz
Phone: 87 73 450
Code: 9480

Project home page:

If you are a student of the 3rd year at the Poznan University of Technology and you are willing to join this team, please contact the project managers via e-mail or you can meet them every Wednesday at 15:15 just before Software Development Studio (the Professor Club, room 17, or classroom 18; building of the Electrical Faculty).

Building the project team is the responsibility of the project managers. The managers must take their decision and they should communicate it to by December 8, 1999 (the sooner the better).

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