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Dyżury dziekańskie i konsultacje od 1.IX.2006: Szczegółowa informacja.
As a teacher I am responsible for a number of activities and modules. If you are interested in any one listed below, please click on an appropriate key (some are not active yet - sorry!).
MSE Doctoral and master thesis (Prace doktorskie i magisterskie)
MSE Master in Software Engineering (MSE)
SDS Software Development Studio
Models .. Models and Analysis of Software
PSP Personal Software Process
Quality .. Quality Management
Requirements .. Requirements Engineering
Seminar Diploma Seminar
IO Inżynieria Oprogramowania II (Software Engineering II)
Not active Doskonalenie Procesów Programowych (Personal Software Process - PSP)
Not active Formal languages and compiler construction
Introduction .. Introduction to Computer Science (Wprowadzenie do informatyki)
Collegiate Programming .. Collegiate Programming (Programowanie Zespołowe)
Advisory Board of FoEE Advisory Board of the Faculty of Electrical Eng. (Zespół ds. Kształcenia)
PTI Polish Information Processing Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Informatyczne)

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