The mountain huts in the Tatras

The following picture shows the Tatras trail diagram. Ractangles with letters inside means mountain huts. Polish huts are marked as red rectangles (A - I), and Slovak huts are marked as green rectangles (J - U).
You can get each mountain hut details (view, features, address, telephone, etc.) by clicking on the one of the rectangles.

The Polish and Slovak mountain huts (with references to the above map - letters A-U) are listed below.

The Polish mountain huts

A. Schronisko na Polanie Chocholowskiej

B. Schronisko na Hali Ornak

C. Hotel gorski na Kalatowkach

D. Schronisko na Hali Kondratowej

E. Schronisko "Murowaniec"

F. Schronisko w Dolinie Roztoki

G. Schronisko w Dolinie Pieciu Stawow Polskich

H. Schronisko nad Morskim Okiem

I. Dom Turysty PTTK

The Slovak mountain huts

J. Schronisko nad Zielonym Stawem Kiezmarskim

K. Schronisko Bilika

L. Schronisko Zamkovskiego

M. Schronisko Teryego

N. Zbojnicka Chata

O. Schronisko Wielickie

P. Schronisko nad Popradzkim Stawem

Q. Schronisko pod Waga

R. Schronisko Wazeckie

S. Schronisko Zarskie

T. Schronisko na Zwierowce

U. Schronisko w Orawicach

MM - Aug 20, 1995