Bernard Roy Award of EWG-MCDA

MCDA 90 in Brest, 26-28 September 2019


MCDA Software
  • Decision Deck (d2, d3, d4, XMCDA)

  • diviz - software for designing, executing and sharing Multicriteria Decision Aid (MCDA) methods, algorithms and experiments

  • D-Sight: Both web and desktop solutions. A collaborative decision-making platform (also for single users), based on PROMETHEE & UTILITY-based methodologies

  • MCDA-ULaval software

  • jMAF : Software for DRSA Analysis

  • Visual PROMETHEE

  • Electre Tri plugin for Quantum GIS

  • iMOLPe - A computational tool for teaching and decision support in multi-objective linear programming

  • Promax

  • jRank : Ranking using Dominance-based Rough Set Approach

  • 1000Minds (PAPRIKA - Potentially All Pairwise RanKings of all possible Alternatives)

  • diviz (in Newsletter, Series 3, No. 21, Spring 2010)

  • PPSE : Project Portfolio Selection Environment

  • Multicriteria Bank Rating System (in Newsletter, Series 3, No. 19, Spring 2009)

  • JSMAA: an open source implementation of SMAA methods in Java

  • GRIP: an MCDA method for tackling ranking and choice problems (in Newsletter, Series 3, No. 18, Fall 2008)


    Software page of the International Society on MCDM