Dawid Weiss
YAB: Yet Another Browser for Xindice
What is YAB?
Jedit view and update function

YAB is a Java Explorer-like browser for Xindice, an open-source XML database. It can be used to directly manage the collections stored in Xindice, add new collections, remove or add new XML documents, etc.

Main application Window

I wrote YAB because there was nothing better available at the moment and I don't fancy command-line tools. There is another Xindice browser written by Alexander Schatten, which is competitive to YAB and has many features YAB doesn't have. Yet, I like YAB and I think it will develop into something even nicer and more useful in the future.

YAB is freeware. A postcard, or a note in the about box would be great if you decide to use it/ modify it.

Bugs, planned features etc
  1. A nicer tree icons. Maybe visualization of resources.
  2. New renderers: xslt transformation maybe ;) It's so easy to plug in something new into YAB - try it, you must implement org.put.yab.gui.ResourceRenderer interface and add a proper entry to the XML configuration file. That's it
  3. There's a nasty feature of the collections tree - it collapses every time a change has been made. I must rewrite it.
  4. A waterfountain in the corner, to entertain Xindice developers while waiting for downloading resources :)
  5. A publicly available CVS in the future, when I decide I'm running out of ideas...
Download and installation

YAB is written in Java under JBuilder 6 Enterprise. We strongly enourage you to use this tool (ANT's script not yet provided), if you decide to build YAB yourself. Be sure to include these libraries to your project: Xindice, Log4J, JDOM, OpenORB, Gnu regexp (for HTML renderer).

If you only wish to download a binary release, all the required files are already included in the distribution (sorry about the huge size of the jar file).

Other GUI applications

YAB is not the only GUI application for XMLDB standard. Listed below are some other programs, some of them better than YAB (but they were not available at the time YAB was written).

YAB in other products

Some people found YAB useful in their own projects (heh, don't ask me why :). I would like to express my gratitude to those, who informed me about such fact and were honest enough to mention my name in their applications. Thank you.

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