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Dawid Weiss
Programy i inne projekty
Projekty aktywne
  • Carrot2 [outlink] — search results clustering framework
  • Stempelator, Lametyzator— Polish Stemmers
  • [update: use Morfologik [outlink] for Polish stemming, please]
  • Morfeusz-Java — a Java binding to Morfeusz [outlink]
Zasoby danych
Starsze projekty (nie uaktualniane)
  • Shootout — a simple Java2D game.
  • ANT-Docbook-Styler — an ANT interface to rendering DocBook documents
  • JUnit-Tomcat — local testing framework
  • Java XSLT filter — A HttpFilter for Java Web applications
  • BeanShell-Java binding — or how to make scripted Java appear as real Java objects
  • FSA — Finite State Automaton library in Java (read-only interface to Jan Daciuk's library)
  • Polish typography — a script to apply some simple Polish typography rules in Microsoft Word (hint: use OpenOffice instead)

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