Carrot Laboratory of Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
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IMPORTANT! Please read this first

Carrot is a discontinued project. All the new effort has been put into Carrot2, which features a more open architecture, new clustering algorithms and user interface. Please check out Carrot2 web site at:

Offline Carrot demo

Please feel free to download and evaluate this offline Demo version of Carrot. It contains a precompiled version of Carrot bundled with Tomcat3.2.1 for your convenience. A readme.txt file included with the package will introduce you to the details of installation. Java Development Kit 1.3+ is required.

"Offline version" here means that we have collected a set of Google response pages, which can be used to feed Carrot (choose Cached Google datasource). All keywords not present in cache will of course lead to an exception.

ZIP (3.3 MB) Offline Carrot demo
Carrot source code

Carrot's source code and documentation is available on demand and is shipped on a CD. Please contact with me if you are interested.