Carrot Laboratory of Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
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IMPORTANT! Please read this first

Carrot is a discontinued project. All the new effort has been put into Carrot2, which features a more open architecture, new clustering algorithms and user interface. Please check out Carrot2 web site at:

What is Carrot?

Carrot is a meta search engine with clustering capabilities. In simple words, it acts as a filter between a user and a real search engine, trying to enhance the presentation of search results so that they are easily readable and understandable in shorter time. In order to achieve that goal, Carrot uses a clustering technique, making an attempt to associate documents with similar subjects into groups.

Carrot has been created as part of Dawid Weiss master thesis defended in June, 2001. However, system's development is still continued and new updates may be expected on this page shortly.

Due to legal issues with automated search results retrieval from Google, we had to shut down Carrot. The clustering engine will be available after the data source module is rewritten, or arrangements with Google allow us to use their (excellent) service. As for the time being, please take a look at the screenshots section of this site.

Any feedback is very welcome, please address your e-mails to: Dawid Weiss,

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