Cezary Sobaniec

My name is Cezary Sobaniec. I am a senior lecturer in Institute of Computing Science of Poznań University of Technology.

My interests


  • Distributed systems, distributed algorithms
  • Replication, esp. optimistic replication
  • Consistency models, esp. session guarantees
  • Internet technologies, esp. ReSTful web services

Other interests


Phone: +48 61 665 2370

Office: 1.6.3, BT, Piotrowo 2, 60-965 Poznań

Office hours: Tue 9:30÷10:30

Konsultacje: wtorek 9:30÷10:30

My GPG fingerprint is: 043D 13CC 9616 8FA9 29CD 283B BCAC 640F 9F24 7F9B