Poznań University of Technology
Faculty of Computing
Institute of Computing Science
Bartosz Brodecki, MSc Eng.

Assistant in the Division of Computing Systems


  • security
  • computer networks
  • management of computer networks, distributed systems and security
  • security policy languages and conflicts discovering


  • Linux & Unix systems
  • Cisco Network Academy
Contact - Office

Room 141 CW (Lecture Centre Building) First floor plan
Poznań University of Technology
Piotrowo 2, Poznań
phone: +48 61 665 29 52
fax: +48 61 877 15 25
e-mail: Bartosz.Brodecki (at) cs.put.poznan.pl
PGP: fingerprint: 1E08 91D0 4DD9 ECF3 EBE7 B22C FDFC CE06 3E24 9B30

Duty hours
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