Tuesday, October 2nd
16:30-18:00Session 1
 Topological Analysis of Terrorists Networks
Nasrullah Memon, David Hicks, Henrik Legind Larsen
 Visually Interacting with k-medoid-based Algorithms
Maria Camila Barioni, Humberto Razente, Gabriel de Souza Fedel, Agma Traina, Caetano Traina
 Tracing Cluster Transitions for Different Cluster Types
Myra Spilipoulou, Irene Ntoutsi, Yannis Theodoridis
Wednesday, October 3rd
9:30-11:00Session 2
 A linear Support Vector Machine solver for an arbitrary number of training examples
Pawel Bialon
 Fast K-Medoids clustering on PCs
Witold Andrzejewski
 Integration of Candidate Hash Trees in Concurrent Processing of Frequent Itemset Queries Using Apriori
Przemyslaw Grudzinski, Marek Wojciechowski
11:00-11:30coffee break
11:30-13:00Session 3
 Mining Generalized Association rules Using Prutax and Hierarchical Bitmap Index
Jakub Pieprzyk, Mikolaj Morzy
 Active Learning Using Conditional Expectation Estimators
Lior Rokach, Lihi Naamani, Armin Shmilovici
 A Polar-Fourier-Wavelet Transform for Effective CBIR
Dimo Dimov